Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stop Using Windows XP, Its no longer safe...!

After almost 13 years, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. That means that unless you are a major government, no further security updates or patches will be available for the operating system.
Despite Microsoft's best efforts to convince everyone to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, Windows XP is still running on nearly 28% of all computers connected to the Internet. That's a lot of computers — and users. So what can those users do now?
Download the Latest (and Final) XP Update
The final "patch Tuesday" (Microsoft's term for security updates) for Windows XP was issued on April 8, 2014. Download the latest security updates. This is the last update Microsoft will issue.

Install and Update Your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Tools

With 30% market share, Microsoft knows it can't just cut support completely. The company has agreed to provide anti-malware updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP until 2015.

Use Firefox or Chrome

If you have to continue using Windows XP, make sure your web browser is at least being updated. Your web browser is often the place where most users wind up getting infected with a virus or malware.


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